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Our Diverse Portfolio


At the time we started we were focused over the Education Sector mainly. We endeavor to meet all requirements of various Schools, Colleges and Universities pertaining to Karachi and surrounding cities in Sindh and deliver the product at their doorsteps. Furthermore our company is also involved in all sectors like Textile, Pharmacy, Banks, Media, Food Industries and various other ventures for Offset Printing. We try our level best to quote rates which are reasonable and can be afforded by our end users.

Copy Manufacturing unit


We are a total printing solutions provider. We offer customizable solutions for all your printing needs including provision of superior quality digital photography for your products as well as on location, all kinds of designing and artwork and use of best inks, films and add-ons available in the market.

When designing digital files intended for commercial offset printing, it is essential that all of the photographs and images in your in files are high resolution. If you have ever seen printed material that contains blurry or blocky images which often provides a bad presentation, it was likely caused by incorporating low resolution images. Ensuring a high quality printed job is as simple as making sure all photos and images in your digital files are all high resolution, Which is where NS printing comes in.

A Message by CEO

Our vision is to sustain and thrive a company that could bring a positive change in the education and corporate sector of Pakistan, in both employers and employees’ perspective. Schools shall be supported, owners, teachers and parent should be educated, trained and counseled with high competencies and standards. We also aim to strengthen the whole book publication industry and promote the book reading-culture in Pakistan by organizing events like Karachi International Book Fair.

Smart box brings service at your door step. We provide our customers with a broad array of Food Packaging Boxes extensively used for a variety of products like cake’s, pizza’s, burger’s, pasta’s, chocolates, dry fruit’s, and other similar items. Our product is so designed that it can retain the freshness and warmth of the inside content for long hours. Moreover, the product also maintains the quality by preserving the shape and topping of the stuff.

Smart Box manufactured by us come in different sizes, designs and shapes. Manufactured to customer specifications, our Food Box is made from high quality raw material and good stiffness to withstand long shelf life and durable to travel long distances.

In addition to using eco-friendly materials and suitable packaging forms, Food Box packaging design is also important . It can help promote your product and increase your sales performance. The elements of its design mainly include colour, wording, and pattern. A successful design makes full use of these elements according to the product’s performance, feature, and shape, thus attracting consumers to buy.

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