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Ecommerce Packaging

Why getting your shipping boxes for online fulfilment right is crucial
Packaging can be critical to your ecommerce business.

Its key job is of course to allow your products to reach your online customers in the same condition that it left your business. And whilst this may seem obvious, according to various studies the number of customer complaints relating to items arriving damaged is increasing (two thirds of consumers now suffer from packages arriving late, damaged or not at all).

This can prove hugely damaging to your business’ efforts to build brand reputation and loyalty.

Fortunately, well designed corrugated packaging can provide the quality of packaging that your brand deserves.

Bespoke Ecommerce packaging

The benefits of this are two-fold. Firstly, by minimising customer returns, the associated costs of this (written off stock, cost of return postage, replacement product, admin etc.) is vastly reduced, minimising the costs to your business.

Secondly, the increased customer satisfaction can help to drive brand loyalty, word of mouth referrals and aid repeat sales. In essence, it enhances your brand reputation and perception.

However, the reliable supply of your online orders is not the only way you can enhance your brand perception and loyalty. In fact, ecommerce packaging can be a key way of promoting your brand and communicate your key messages to your customers.

Printed ecommerce packs and “unboxing”

There is an increasing importance on the experience buyers have when opening their products – some even take to social media to share the experience. It is therefore increasingly important then for the opening experience to be a positive one your customers.

As such, Your ecommerce packaging can be printed using a variety of techniques that ensure a high quality, professional finish.

From simple single colour printing of logos to the external surfaces, to high quality digital and lithographic print that is only visible once the pack is opened, there is an option to suit your brand positioning, budget and target customers.

This is in addition to a range of fittings and inserts which, besides protecting your products during transit, can also act to help improve product presentation upon opening the outer ecommerce packaging.